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Sushi in Düsseldorf, Germany: Maruyasu

Hello my dearest reader,
I had a hard time writing travel tips. I wrote some, but none of them seemed personal more like a travel guide. That is why I decided to write mostly about restaurants I have visited, because this has one thing in common with my recipes: The Food!
I am probably still going to give some sightseeing and insider tips from the cities the restaurants are in. So be excited and have fun with my first review!
Today I want to introduce you to my favorite Sushi bar in Düsseldorf: Maruyasu

What most of you do not know is, that in Düssseldorf has the biggest Japanese population in Europe. There are districts that are completely Japanese with grocery stores, kindergartens and schools for the Japanese population. At the Immermannstreet is a Japanese Hotel called Nikko, tones of Bars and Restaurants and also clothes shops. One of the best Sushi bars is Maruyasu.
The Maruyasu has 10 Restaurants, eight in Düsseldorf and two in Frankfurt. There is always a long counter with a big variety of sushi and some Japanese dishes.
The price of the Makis start at 70cents and the rolls and Nigiris cost up to 3,20 € apiece. Most of the times I pay between 15 and 20 € but I am really full after that! The sushi is always fresh made and the fish has a good quality. You order right at the counter and pay at the end of it.

My favorite dishes are the Wakame-Salad and the Gyozas, dumplings filled with meat and vegetables. You can also have Edame, Teriyaki-Skewer and Japanese desserts.
As a result I can say that the Maruyasu is perfect for a little lunch while shopping or sightseeing the city. It is not like a cozy restaurant, but for lunch it is perfect!


Guten Appetit!

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