Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Couscous Salad

I used to have a friend in elementary school whoes parents were from turkey. I remember that they had a cook out in their backyard and they served this delicious Bulgur salad. It had the same ingredients as my Couscous salad, but was just made with Turkish Bulgur. I love the fresh taste of this salad. The mint gives it an incredible flavor. In my local supermarket they did not have bulgur, so I bought couscous. You can make it with either one of them. Couscous comes from the North African cuisine and is a durum wheat. Bulgur is also a durum wheat and come from the middle eastern. So you see it is pretty similar.

You need:

100g Couscous
200ml boiling water
200g Cucumber
6-8 cherry Tomatoes
8-10 Mint leaves
1/2 red Onion
Juice of half a lemon
2 EL Oliveoil

 And that's how you do it:

1. Pour 200ml of boiling water over the Couscous and let it soak for about 10mins.

2. While the Couscous is soaking cut tomatoes, cucumber, onion and mint into little pieces and put it all together in a bowl. Now you add the lemon juice and oliveoil and add some salt and pepper as you please.

3. When the Couscous is ready you mix it with the vegetables. If necessary you can add some more salt and pepper. I think after the Couscous is added it takes away some of the seasoning. Now it is ready to serve!
Guten Appetit!

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