Freitag, 8. August 2014


You need:
200ml / 3/4 cup Water
100g / 1/8 cup Sugar
2-3 Lemons
350g or 1/8 of a Watermelon
10 leafs Mint
Sparkling Water
Ice cubes

And that's how you do it:

1. Make the water boil in a pot.

2. When it is boiling put the sugar in it and stir it until the sugar crystals dissolve.

3. If you make the Watermelonade, put the watermelon in a cup with the mint leafs and mix it with a handheld electric mixer until it is a juice.

4. If you make the lemonade, take the lemons and cut them into halves.

5. Now it is the same for both Lemonades again. Fill the sugar water into a carafe or a big container and put a filter over it. Now either rinse the watermelon juice or squeeze the lemons over the filter. It will catch the pits.

6. Add as much sparkling water as you want. You cooked a syrup, with adding the water you can decide how sweet you want it to be. Also add ice cubes and let it cool down.

7. If you will not use all of the syrup at once, you can save it in an empty bottle and put it in the fridge. Now you can infuse the syrup with water whenever you want.