Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Travel Tip: Loteria Grill, Hollywood

I was thinking on cooking something Mexican. My year in the states showed me the variety of the Mexican food. Even though I think it was more a TexMex version of food. So first I thought of wraps, everybody loves wraps, but they are easy to make and you do not really need a recipe.

So how about three recipes for a perfect night with friends. Eating tortilla chips, dipping guacamole and salsa! They are now all found on my blog, go and check them out!

And this leads me to my first real travel/restaurant tip!
In 2011 I went to LA and there was this fantastic small Mexican restaurant right on Hollywood Blvd called "Loteria Grill". It was Sooo good! They had probably every Mexican beer you can imagine and every kind of magharita there is. If you ever go to LA make sure to visit this place!



Visit their website:

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